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 Matrix Eval

Suport: DVD
The first and only software product on the profile market in Romania that allows the elaboration of technical expertise in constructions.
850,00 lei
This program is addressed to all technical experts and evaluators. Matrix Eval is based on the collection of brochures "Rapid evaluation of constructions", a collection published by Matrix Rom.
Matrix Eval allows drafting the text of the expertise, drawing up the calculation sheet of the expert building based on the brochures from the collection "Quick assessment of constructions", calculating the replacement value of the building based on discount coefficients, calculating building wear based on normal physical wear coefficients fixed.
The first version of the Matrix Eval program was operational in 2003 and so far this product has been purchased by more than 100 customers.
The indexes can be updated quarterly and the update price is 100 lei / quarter.
Minimum requirements for installation on CD:
- operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7,8,10;
- hard disk (free space): 5 MB;
- optical drive: CD-ROM;
Minimum requirements for using the program on flash memory:
- operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7,8,10;
- USB port;
This software has a limited support period of 6 months.
You can purchase Matrix Eval directly from our headquarters or by postal parcel (with cash on delivery) shipped following a written order or online order.
Brochures from the "Rapid Construction Assessment" collection available in Matrix Eval:
- Industrial buildings
- Commercial
- Deposit
- Constructions for education, science, culture, administration
- Constructions for health, social assistance, leisure
- Constructions for road, air transport
- Constructions for railway transport
- Agricultural constructions
- Constructions for river and sea transport
- Special constructions and buildings for water and sewer supply
- Special constructions and buildings for gas, district heating
- General purpose constructions
- Homes, dormitories, hotels
- Special constructions and buildings for the food industry
- Special constructions and buildings for light industry