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 Matrix Termic

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Computer product for the management of actions and documentation necessary for the application of O.U.G. no. 18/2009 on increasing the energy performance of apartment buildings.
1.736,00 lei
The only computer product for this purpose existing on the Romanian market, Matrix Termic is addressed to the technical departments of the mayors who are in charge of applying the provisions of Ordinance 18/2009 and of the Methodological Norms for its application.
The program allows access to its functions (based on defined access rights) starting from the mayor's office management and up to the staff from the departments directly involved in making the necessary documentation and following the actions for the application of the Ordinance.
The main functions performed by Matrix Termic are:
- obtaining the technical file of the block of flats (annex 1)
- obtaining the notification and the mandate contract for the owners' association (annexes 2 and 3)
- obtaining the necessary document for the approval of the works (annex 9)
- taking over in electronic format the documents coming from the owners' association (annexes 4, 5, 6, 11), from the technical expert (annex 7), from the energy auditor for buildings (annex 8); for all these documents the program allows obtaining some models of them or completing them directly in the system
- obtaining the notification to the owners' association, according to annex 10
- the record of the contractual documents established between the mayor's office and the designer / executor of the work for increasing the energy performance
- obtaining the centralizer of the blocks of flats, according to annex 12
The Thermal Matrix program also includes document management functions ensuring the entire evidence and the entire history of the documents circulated at the level of each block included in the actions provided in the Ordinance.
Minimum requirements for installation:
- operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7;
- hard disk (free space):
- desktop version: minimum 400 MB;
- server version: minimum 400 MB for server and minimum 60 MB for each client;
- optical drive: CD-ROM;
- Additional programs: Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Express Edition. Microsoft Installer;
All additional programs are distributed free of charge by Matrix Rom together with the installation kit of the Matrix Thermal program. This software has a limited support period of 6 months.
You can purchase Matrix Termic directly from our headquarters or by postal parcel (with cash on delivery) shipped following a written order or following an online order. For a complete price offer please send us an email at office@matrixrom.ro.