Terms of publication

Terms of publication at Matrix Rom:

– Matrix Rom Publishing generally publishes works in the field of technical sciences and real fundamental sciences
– Monographs, university and pre-university courses, laboratory guidance, practical papers, scientific, technical, informative bulletins, programs and proceedings of scientific manifestations are published
– The proposed works for publication will be accompanied by the recommendations of two scientific reviewers: university professors, scientific researchers gr. I, recognized personalities in the field
– The final format of published works is one of the standard B5 formats (approx. 17×24 cm), A5 (approx. 14×20 cm) or A4 (approx 20×29 cm)
– The works will be presented ready-written on the computer, including the text and all related figures
– Manuscripts will be presented for publication on electronic media (CD, DVD or memory stick), possibly also on paper; paper version will be made with a good quality printer (preferably laser printer) and on one side of the sheet of paper
– On the electronic medium containing the manuscript will be included an English version of the title and content of the work
– When writing the works for the final format B5, on a page A4 will be left a white edge of 2.5 cm on all sides and use a font of 12 – 13 or a white edge of 4 cm on all sides and a font of 10 – 11
– In the techno-editing of the works for the final format A5, on a page A4 will be included a single page of the work; the white edges left on page A4 will be 2.5 cm on three of the four sides
– When drafting the works for the final format A4, on a page A4 will be left a white edge of 2 cm on all sides and will use a font of 10 – 11
– In the area of the white edges (mentioned above) will not be included any headers and/or footers of the page or page of the work
– There are no special mentions regarding the distance between rows or the way the work is paging; in the latter case, however, you will have to consider the type of page – para or odd – if you want to enter the page number on the side of it
– Color pages can be included in any of the types of works we publish
– The cover of the work will be carried out by the publisher, in which case the author will validate it or be proposed by the author, regardless of its level of conception

For further information or confusion do not hesitate to contact us.