The activity carried out in the more than 25 years since its inception, the large number of titles published and the large number of volumes published during these years have led to the recognition of Matrix Rom publishing as one of the most important technical and scientific book publishing houses on the Romanian market. A proof of these achievements in all these years of activity is accreditation and acceptance as a member of different professional organizations.

Matrix Rom Publishing is a member of CNRI, SIEAR and AER, and since 2001 is accredited CNCSIS with re-accreditation in 2006.

We are the official editor of the works published by the Romanian Group for Human-Calculator Interaction (RoCHI).

We have the exclusivity for editing volumes from the Library of the Society of Mathematical Sciences collection.



CNCSIS – National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education


AER – Publishers Association of Romania


CNRI – Romanian National Lighting Committee
SIEAR – Society of Electrical Installations and Automation in Romania