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Techniques to assist decision and diagnosis. Laboratory guidance

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti
ISBN: 978-606-25-0563-9
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This paper is aimed in particular at students of the fourth year and master of the Faculty of Automatics and Computers who want to know different applications focused on diagnosis and decision (in the medical field).
Decision assist systems are information systems that facilitate the use of data, models and the structuring of decision-making in the development of reasoning and decision-making, presenting to the human user results and providing information for each decision-making variant.
Diagnosis can be seen as a process of classification, of framing the real state of functioning of the environment, characterized by a set of symptoms, in one of the possible states, according to a chosen criterion.
The paper "Decision and Diagnosis Assistance Techniques" presents information about:
  1. Probabilistic Classifier Bayes Naive based on the application of Bayes' theorem
  2. Criteria for choosing diagnostic tests
  3. Classification/decision trees
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