Programming environments. Visual programming in Gambas. Collection of code examples     

Universitatea Vasile Alecsandri Bacau
ISBN: 978-606-25-0651-3
Limba: Romana
Suport: Hartie
22,00 lei
 This volume contains a series of laboratory sheets used in some of the Laboratories of Programming Environments and Program Development Tools. For licensing reasons, we could not include any of the examples of Mr. John W Rittinghouse, indicated in the course and laboratory. Readers are asked to re-implement them according to Mr. Rittinghouse's electronic (online) manual, which I ask you to treat as if they were an integral part of this set of materials.    
   Some examples come from the collection that came with Linux, the Gambas 2 programming environment, and the Gambas 3 version(Blinken Lights, Vector of controls, The scientific computer and the SDL Starfield project that we included as a demonstration of how the structures were used, before the appearance of objects, so of an illustrative-historical interest).The GNU General Public License applies to them. We thank, once again, Mr. Benoît Minisini and Canonical for their inclusion in Ubuntu Linux 10,12,14.