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Information is provided on the costs of construction works for various types of housing buildings, as well as industrial and social-cultural constructions. Prices are detailed on building elements and types of works such as: earthworks, concretes, metal constructions, formwork, various types of masonry, zugraveli, various types of installations, etc. The quantities per unit of measure, the total costs per unit of measure, the total cost per mp Ad, and the total cost per Au are specified. For each building element is specified its share in the total cost of the work.
The "Prices for Ratings" application gives users online access to all this information. Their content can be accessed anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection, only with a user and a password, on the platform e.matrixrom.ro.
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The online application offers the possibility to search for a card using a string of characters from the name of the building type, as well as various calendar periods. The frequency of updating the files is the same as the paper publications, so quarterly.
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