Pre-dimensioning of a carbre droit d’un pump a engrenages | Editura Matrix Rom

Pre-dimensioning of a carbre droit d’un pump a engrenages

Universitatea Tehnica de Constructii Bucuresti
ISBN: 978-606-25-0562-2
Limba: Franceza
Suport: Hârtie
29,00 lei
The work entitled "Pré-dimensionment d'un arbre droit d'un pump à engrenages" is a precious auxiliary within "Organs de Machines", helping to understand in more detail the discipline.
Through the knowledge acquired in previous years by students in the disciplines Mechanics and Materials Resistance, students will be able to perform calculations of reactions and efforts in order to size some sections to a straight tree in steps subject to combined requests for torsion incouring.
In order to deepen the way of working, an example of the full drafting with concrete data is presented in this paper.
In order to design the tree's execution drawing as rigorously as possible after sizing, the instructions to be used in AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS for drawing and inserting quotas and tolerances on the final drawing are presented.
The work is intended for students of the 3rd years of the F.I.I. of the U.T.C.B but can be used successfully by other students of mechanical faculties who have in the curriculum discipline Organs of Machines.