Optimal train management

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti
Limba: Romana
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The book Optimal train management, as a discipline of specialization in railway vehicle engineering, brings a valuable contribution to the development of science and the training of specialists in the railway field.
By systematically presenting the technical-scientific problems specific to optimal train management, the author highlights the particularities that are specific to modern high-speed vehicles and urban transport vehicles, creating the premises for a sustainable development of of these vehicles.
For a more complete understanding of the phenomena, references are also made in the paper regarding the design of vehicles. It also allows the appreciation of the limits in the construction phase of these vehicles.
The paper also highlights the author's personal contributions developed both in his doctoral thesis and in numerous scientific publications in the country and abroad. Thus, the theoretical and experimental researches regarding the aerodynamic resistances are noted, such as their influence on the energy consumption of the vehicles and the need to optimize the travel speeds.
Given the fact that the railway technique is developing at a fast pace, the author sought that the whole issue of optimal train management be developed in such a way that the reader is determined to think, helping him in this way to form a fundamental scientific conception and to open the perspective to be able to adapt in the future to all the novelties that will appear.
The book is also available in paper format here .