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Motorcycle systems

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti
ISBN: 978-606-25-0795-4
Limba: Română
Suport: Hârtie
68,00 lei
The manual contains eight chapters highlighting the construction and operation of motorcycle systems. The paper presents and studies the following systems that make up the motorcycle: engine, transmission, frame, suspension, steering, brake, electrical system and wheel.
The work is primarily addressed to master's students from faculties with the field of Automotive Engineering, but also to students from undergraduate programs specifically in this field, as well as to engineers and specialists who have concerns related to of motorcycle systems.
The theoretical notions in each chapter provide a set of information necessary to master the work, thus completing and easier understanding of the operation of the motorcycle.
The graphic material of the paper was specially designed so that the information presented is easy to understand and assimilate. The author tried to use as simple and efficient language as possible, so that the resulting manual is as accessible as possible for most readers.
In the manual, constructive solutions have been carefully selected and presented, so that readers can easily deepen the respective notions, as well as the directions in which they will evolve. Through this manual, the author has proposed to treat the construction of these systems to the point, with examples applied directly to motorcycles. The author has synthesized the large volume of information that exists in the specialized literature regarding the construction and operation of motorcycle systems, so that those interested and passionate about motorcycles can quickly get an overview of what a motorcycle is and how it is put together.