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Metal composites for critical industries 

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti
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Contemporary general development, the increasingly high degree of civilization as well as the protection of the environment have led to the creation of increasingly complex products and services, which in turn lead to high investment needs from all points of view, but especially for the development of production, and a increasingly diverse and sophisticated materials play an important role.
In this work, metallic composites from the following categories of materials were taken into account: composite materials with metallic matrix hardened by the introduction of wires, fibers and particles; composites hardened by the dispersion of oxides, made by the metallurgy of metal powders (anti-friction, electrotechnical, tool, etc.); "sandwich" clad/laminated materials; honeycomb materials, such as materials with metal faces and core; pseudocomposite metallic materials, of directed solidified eutectic type (with directed orientation in the form of filaments of hardened intermediate compounds, own of the metal alloy, through controlled solidification.