Mechanics | Matrix Rom
 Mechanics | Editura Matrix Rom


Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti
ISBN: 978-606-25-0702-2
Limba: Romana
Suport: Hartie
162,00 lei
This volume presents the most important notions, study methods and applications currently taught in the discipline "Mechanics", in the faculties of the technical universities and, in particular, in those of the "Polytechnic" University of Bucharest.
Comprising 23 chapters, the paper covers the four major divisions of classical mechanics: statics, kinematics, dynamics, and analytical mechanics.
The paper is addressed to students from technical universities, engineers, as well as specialists interested in the study of classical mechanics.
The volume represents the fruit of over 30 years of didactic activity of the author, university professor at the Department of Mechanics of the "Politehnica" University of Bucharest.