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 Matrix Gantt

Suport: DVD
Computer program for scheduling the execution of a construction work, based on its component activities / estimates.
This program is addressed to all designers and builders.
500,00 lei
Matrix Gantt is a well-ordered and structured computer product, with a simple and clear interface and with suggestive screens and graphic controls that ensure ease of use.
Along with the Matrix Gantt program, a database is provided with all the materials used in the indicators of estimate norms that can be used to define the resources of the activities. With Matrix Gantt you have the possibility to reuse the defined activities, in various construction works, specifying the specific characteristics of the respective work.
The programming of the works with Matrix Gantt is done as follows:
- the construction work is defined as a lot of activities (estimates by categories of works), following the execution of which it materializes.
- each activity is defined by an execution duration, a unit of measurement, an appropriate quantity and a number of materials that compete to achieve it.
- among the defined activities are established the execution priorities which can be in one of the following situations:
- two activities can start simultaneously
- an activity starts only after the end of another activity
- an activity starts after a certain period from the beginning of another activity.
- the result of defining a construction work as a lot of activities together with the interdependencies between them, is a graphical representation of the moments of beginning of the execution of the activities and of their execution durations, known as Gantt chart.
- obtaining the Gantt chart leads to the determination of the optimal duration of the construction work and at the same time to a correct staggering in time of the resources necessary for this.
The first version of the Matrix Gantt program has been operational since 2005. The new version of Matrix Gantt allows taking the estimates from the Matrix Device in order to plan their execution, being able to specify the interdependencies between them and obtaining a suggestive graphical representation of the times and order of the work, as well as the quantities of materials needed in each period. \
Minimum requirements for installation:
- processor: 500 MHz;
- operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8;
- RAM memory: 256 MB;
- hard disk (free space): 100 MB;
- optical drive: CD-ROM;
- additional programs: Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server or MSDE;
All additional programs are distributed free of charge by Matrix Rom together with the installation kit of the Matrix Gantt program. This software has a limited support period of 6 months.
You can purchase Matrix Gantt directly from our headquarters or by postal package (with cash on delivery) shipped following a written order or online order.