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Matrix Calitate

Suport: DVD
The Matrix Calitate computer product is made to be used in the activity of quality verification and reception of construction works and installations.
450,00 lei
Matrix Calitate corresponds to the norm C56-1985 for the construction works and to the norm C56-2002 for the installation works.
Matrix Calitate allows the definition of quality control programs, with the corresponding phases, for each category of works (earthworks, foundations, concrete, masonry, heating, plumbing, etc.) within an investment, as well as the correct and easy management of minutes control completed for each phase of the quality program.
Matrix Calitate is provided with a set of quality control programs for each category of works (for installation works they correspond to the C56-2002 standard), the user being able to create his own quality control programs.
For the phases of the quality program, a series of minutes models are included in the Matrix Calitate (for the installation works they correspond to the norm C56-2002), the user being able to create his own minutes models.
To use this product, the minimum requirements for your computer system are:
- hard disk: minimum 100 MB free
- memory (RAM): minimum 256 MB
- processor: minimum 500 MHz
- optical drive: CD-ROM
- operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 (32-bit), 8 (32-bit)
- Additional programs: Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server or MSDE
All additional programs are distributed free of charge by Matrix Rom together with the installation kit of the Matrix Calitate program.
This software has a limited support period of 6 months.
You can purchase Matrix Calitate directly from our headquarters or by postal parcel (with cash on delivery) shipped following a written order or following an online order.