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Introductory OpenGL Handbook

Universitatea Vasile Alecsandri Bacau
ISBN: 978-606-25-0815-9
Limba: Romana
Suport: Hartie
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45,00 lei
It will soon be ten years since the publication of the second edition of this introductory OpenGL manual translated into Romanian. Published in Romanian in 2014, this manual aimed to cover a gap between massive OpenGL books such as the classic volume called RedBook or the newer OpenGL Bible and the complete ignorance of the field by "absolute" beginners.
Discussions with pupils and students, consultations with employed students who attended part-time courses showed that a volume of about 800 pages is a reference volume, good to keep near the computer when you work, but which cannot be studied and learned completely for an exam, nor does it answer the questions: What is important to necessarily know about the field? What are the fundamental, unmistakable notions that we are sure to encounter and to which we will add other knowledge as needed?
The occasional consultation of students from other university centers than Bacăul, and where the previous edition had appeared, revealed a certain Romanian normality in which they work with compact, dense, portable university textbooks, which would could be edited in pocket book format, (occasionally some really are), and which have, many of them between 120 and 220 pages.
After almost ten years, the translator of the first edition, who by force of circumstances became the head of a graphics course dedicated to F.R. students, also noticed a series of elements that needed to be corrected in the old manual.
Once you have completed this manual you can move on: RedBook, OrangeBook or why not Unity or Unreal Engine. Or you can get into Retro Gaming, this time as game authors.