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Initiation in Java through theoretical reviews and applications

Universitatea Transilvania Brasov
ISBN: 978-606-25-0592-9
Limba: Română
Suport: Hârtie
33,00 lei
This book is aimed at those who first get to know the Java programming language. Basic notions and instructions are introduced, the characteristics of object-oriented programming in Java are presented. All this is accompanied by examples. A JDK version greater than or equal to 1.5 is preferred for their running. Please note that certain general concepts such as constants, variables, functions, numeric types, characters, strings, vectors, arrays, etc. are considered known.
Java is a programming language that has adopted the C language standard (ANSI-C) and is said to be based on the C++ language, which is an extension of the C language. Therefore, comparisons between Java and C++ will be made in this book.
The Java language is presented from a theoretical point of view and, in each chapter, there are given applicative examples, which illustrate from a practical point of view elements of novelty. It is good that these examples are understood and, where necessary, written and run by the reader. Please note that the programs do not contain errors for the simple reason that they were first tested and then entered into the text of the book.