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Hazard and flood risk. Risk management

Universitatea "Ovidius" Constanta
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The paper is structured as follows:
Chapter I illustrates an analysis of flood issues, by defining the concept of floods, triggering factors, types of floods, their negative effects. This chapter also considers the definition of hazard - floods, vulnerability to flood risk.
Chapter II defines flood risk management, presents its stages and exemplifies this through a case study.
Chapter III presents the input spatial database required in the hydrodynamic modeling of floods, as well as the implementation of the Geographic Information System, using the program ArcGIS.
Chapter IV presents an example tutorial on a case study of hydraulic analysis and numerical flood modeling in the HEC RAS ​​program.  Flood hazard and risk maps are developed in the ArcGIS software, where, through the computer application HEC Geo RAS , the hydraulic modeling elements from the HEC RAS.
Chapter V Conclusions. In this chapter are interpreted the results following the analysis of hazard and risk in floods. The measures adopted in flood risk management and some perspectives are presented.