Handbook of design examples for reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete elements according to Eurocode 2 and FIB Model Code 2010

Universitatea Tehnica de Constructii Bucuresti
ISBN: 978-606-25-0571-4
Limba: Engleza
Suport: Hartie
54,00 lei
This Handbook of design examples is addressed mainly to the students enrolled in bachelor and master studies in Structural Engineering in English and Romanian language at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB).
This Handbook contains also some brief therapeutic aspects taken from both Eurocode 2 and FIB Model Code 2010, in order for the reader to better understand the relevant design examples. The reader is instructed to check the recommended references in order to gain additional relevant information on the discussed topics and to check other topics related to the design and detailing of reinforced concrete and prejudiced concrete elements which are not covered in this handbook. Some specific topics related to the seismic design of the analyzed RC elements are also mentioned in the sections in which the analyzed structural elements are part of structures designed for seismic loading.
A total of thirteen sections containing one or more design examples each and which can be commpny encountered in practical are shown in this Handbook. Among these design examples, some aspects related to the design of prestressed concrete water tanks and reinforced concrete silos are also discussed. The design examples refer to both reinforced concrete elements, as well as prestressed concrete elements. Through the Handbook, some of the analysts are performed using dedicated software for the analysis of RC elements (e.g. Cumbia, Response 2000, Shell 2000, VecTor2, VecTor5). All of the software presented in these Design Examples can be freely downloaded from the Internet.