Expertise and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete and masonry constructions. Case studies

Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara
ISBN: 978-606-25-0581-3
Limba: Romana
Suport: Hartie
61,00 lei
The book "Expertization and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete and masonry constructions" is a synthesis of the authors' concerns, over the last 25 years, on this topic of great topicality. The volume is addressed to specialists in design and execution, and can also be useful to students and master's students from the building faculties. The book presents, in an original and systematic treatment, the complex problem of the evaluation of resistance capacity, in order to safely use reinforced concrete and masonry constructions, the most appropriate solutions for their rehabilitation are proposed. The work has, in addition to its theoretical character, a pronounced practical character, because, thanks to case studies conducted up to the details of execution, it can be used directly by any designer; this aspect increases the value of the work, it represents a first in the literature made on paper.