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Elements of quality and energy efficiency in modern electrical installations

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti
ISBN: 978-606-25-0564-6
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The paper is mainly aimed at master's students, PhD students and graduates of technical higher education with electrical profile (electrical engineering, electrical engineering, electrical installations, electromechanics and others) and proposes, in a modern vision, the presentation of particular aspects regarding the quality and efficiency of electricity in modern low voltage electrical installations. The exhibition is an integrative one, following the deepening of the fundamental theoretical aspects, the principles of analysis and calculation as well as the illustration of representative case studies.
The material is mainly oriented on the study of low voltage industrial electrical installations. This is justified by the fact that more than 70% of the total electricity consumed is found in these installations, which are of great diversity and range of powers. These include a significant amount of active material and a very large number of electrical equipment. In addition, many of the modern electrical technologies, which aim at high quality and energy efficiency, contain low voltage receivers.
Each chapter of the work is accompanied by a rich bibliographical material comprising: a large number of specialized works (national and international, recent or established), technical regulations (standards, regulations, energy prescriptions) in force at the time of the development of this material and even specialized documentation provided by the major manufacturers of electrical equipment. In all the paper was adopted international terminology for the technical terms used, often indicating the original variants (in English) of them.
The volume greatly deepens the theoretical aspects of particular phenomena in electrical installations, carrying out qualitative and quantitative evaluations of them designed to generate optimal solutions from a technical and economic point of view, which are then put into practice in accordance with the current state of technological development. The approach of some subjects calls for solid knowledge of mathematics and electrotechnics, so that the material contains numerous presentations, demonstrations and analytical or numerical determinations designed to investigate as rigorously as possible the topic addressed. The paper does not aim to deal exhaustively with the entire issue of energy quality and efficiency in installations, but only to quantitatively analyze certain particular themes of it.
As a result of a vast teaching and research experience acquired within the Department of Electrotechnics of the University of POLITEHNICA in Bucharest, as well as from the rich industrial practice of the authors (some of these designers and/or authorized auditors of electrical installations), the present work connects the reader to both the current problems in electrical engineering and the modern industrial environment. In the current conditions of operation of modern electrical installations, the quality and efficiency of electricity are interdependent problems that require a unified approach. Therefore, their treatment must be carried out in an integrative manner. This paper tries to meet this requirement and associates some problems of electricity quality with those specific to its efficient use.