Digital signal processing: fundamental concepts, advanced techniques, applications | Editura Matrix Rom

Digital signal processing: fundamental concepts, advanced techniques, applications

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti
Limba: Romana
Suport: Hartie
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The present work, structured in 12 chapters, provides a base of fundamental and advanced knowledge for this field, in a synergistic, less "traditional" approach, the emphasis being on the first turn on the understanding of the phenomena associated with the main PDS techniques, from the system designer's perspective, and on the development of engineering intuition regarding these phenomena and the "PDS philosophy". Numerous examples and detailed explanations support the clarification of theoretical aspects and mathematical modeling (sine qua non), treated relatively complicatedly in classic works. At the same time, most chapters of the work are accompanied by a significant number of proposed problems and synthesis topics, intended for individual study.
This work is based on the courses "Digital Signal Processing" and "Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques" taught to students following the Microelectronics specialization of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Technology Information from the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest. The authors hope that this material will be useful to all those who approach the field of PDS, helping them both in understanding the essence of this field, but also in discovering its beauty!