Computer-assisted design using PRO/Engineer. Theory and applications | Editura Matrix Rom

Computer-assisted design using PRO/Engineer. Theory and applications

Universitatea Transilvania Brasov
ISBN: 978-606-25-0573-8
Limba: Română
Suport: Hârtie
92,00 lei
In this book, the authors present the main features and news of the computer-aided design program, Pro/Engineer.
This publication puts at the disposal of students, as well as design engineers, principles of modeling mechanical parts found in the field of machine construction, by presenting step by step the theoretical and applied notions necessary to learn knowledge for three-dimensional design. There are also particularly particular aspects. Each chapter is completed by a set of application control tests.
The work is structured in 5 chapters, each of which is divided into several subchapters ending with practical applications, a summary and self-assessment tests.
Following the analysis of this material it can be concluded that it is a particularly useful tool for both students in the final years and for engineers or technicians working in design and beyond.