Competence qualification model, using learning outcomes for technical engineering education 

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti
ISBN: 978-606-25-0683-4
Limba: Romana
Suport: Hartie
29,00 lei
A "standardization" of general, professional, occupational, managerial competencies, their detailing through learning outcomes on different levels of qualification with a freedom granted to university consortia and institutions to describe their specific and especially the possibility of attribution of "cultural awareness and expression competencies / citizen competences" in order to personally develop the graduates as people of the citadel with a professional and intellectual conduct, are just some of the special suggestions which must be considered by the responsible technical universities
Last but not least, I appreciate that this volume can be seen as an important tool to be taken into account in the process of reorganizing the Romanian technical higher education, in accordance with that of most European countries.