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Atlas of locomotives

ISBN: 978-606-25-0863-0
Limba: Romana
Suport: Hartie
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"Atlas of locomotives" is an up-to-date breviary with historical notes on the motor rolling stock that circulated and continues to circulate in Romania since the beginning of railway traction with steam locomotives, traveling the initial stages of diesel electric and diesel hydraulic motorization, as well as the stage of electrification of narrow gauge railway lines as well as normal gauge ones, which in Romania started in 1969. The writing of this atlas was possible by going through the main instructions and guides of operation for each type of locomotive, whose names according to class, type, series, installed power and axle formula, gave the title of the chapters. The presentation of the locomotives that complete this atlas has as a bibliographic reference the guides for the use of motor rolling stock that complete this breviary, bibliographic references found in the specific documentation published by the manufacturers and / or owners of the motor railway vehicles that are reviewed as a general presentation in the "Atlas locomotives", defined by locomotives, electric frames, self-propelled and heavy track machines that have circulated and continue to circulate on the railway infrastructure in Romania.