Analysis of engineering structures by using the finite element method. Applications in ANSYS    

Universitatea Petrol-Gaze din Ploiesti
ISBN: 978-606-25-0634-6
Limba: Romana
Suport: Hartie
122,00 lei
The Finite Element method in engineering is indispensable today. It allows solving an extremely wide range of problems, from structural analyzes, or those of fluid flow, to electromagnetism problems, contact problems, complex simulations of collisions or plastic deformations, etc. That's why any engineer must know how to use at least one software package specialized in finite element analysis. The authors considered that a book that presents some examples of engineering problems solved with the help of ANSYS is useful in the Romanian publishing landscape. The paper is addressed both to students from mechanical engineering faculties, but also to specialists or teachers. Our book is not a user manual for ANSYS. She insists more on the finesse of the analysis. Those who will go through it, are either supposed to have some knowledge of using ANSYS, or, in parallel with reading it, will learn the working techniques of the program. The work must be done patiently, with great attention, with the resumption of some passages and, especially, with the computer open. The good news is that any student can download the ANSYS educational version for free. Although it has limitations on the number of elements / nodes, it can be used successfully in teaching applications.