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BookViewer – books on tablet and phone

What is BookViewer?

A simple application to view/read the electronic version of the desired books, from the MATRIX ROM offer, on your tablet or phone. You can have any book just through a download, after which, in just a few moments, you can start reading it.

What books can I read with BookViewer?

BookViewer allows reading books edited by Matrix Rom, which have been specially prepared for this application. We have a collection of over 200 books in continuous expansion, encompassing all our fields.

How do I read a book with BookViewer?

Download and install the BookViewer app from the Google Play Store – it's free.
Buy the book electronically either from here on the website or by redirection from the application.
You will find in your account the file containing the purchased book. Download the file.
Open the book with BookViewer and you can start reading.

Note: Making your account on the website is necessary for faster, easier and permanent access to books already ordered by you for viewing/reading through Bookviewer or the books you are about to order, for a record of them as well as for access to other options that may be useful to you.

BookViewer Minimum Usage Requirements

Operating system: Android 8
Internet connection
Note: Internet connection is only necessary to download the book to your device; the book can then be viewed/read offline.

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