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Software for execution schedule of the construction work, based on activities / components estimates of this. This software is addresses to all the designers and constructors.

Matrix Gantt is a well ordered and structured software, with a simple and clear interface and with
suggestive windows and graphic commands wich assure facility in use.

Along with Matrix Gantt is delivered a database with all the used material in the indicators of the estimate norms which can be used for the definition of the
activities resources. With Matrix Gantt you have the possibility of reuse the defined activities, in various constructions works, with the specification of specific features of respective work.

The schedule of works with Matrix Gantt is realized in this way:
- the building work is defined as a large number of activities (estimates on work categories) and behind those execution the building work materializes.
- each activity is defined by a  duration, a measure unit, a proper amount and a number of materials which compete to her realization.
- between the
defined activities are established the execution priorities which can be in one of next situations:
          - two activities can begin simultaneously
          - an activity begin only after another activity is complete
          - an activity begin after a certain period from the start of another activity.
- the result of the definition of a
buildings work as a large number of activities together with the interdependences between they, it is a graphic representation of the begin moments of the activities execution and the execution durations of these activities, as knowed as a Gantt graphic.
- the obtaining of the Gantt graphic drives to the determination of optimum duration building work and therewith to a correct echelon in time of the necessary resources for this .

First version of Matrix Gantt was made in 2005.

The new version of Matrix Gantt allows you to take over the estimates from Matrix Deviz, in order to plan the execution, you can specify the links between them and a graphic representation of the periods and the work achievement and also the materials needed in each period.

Minimum requirements for installation:
- processor: 500 MHz;
- operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP5, Me, 2000, XP, 2003;
- memory RAM: 64 MB (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Me and 2000) and 128 MB (Microsoft Windows XP and 2003);
- hard-disk(free space): 100 MB;
- optical unit: CD-ROM;
- additional software: Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server or MSDE

All the additional softwares are delivered free by Matrix Rom with the instalation kit of Matrix Obiect.

You can buy Matrix Gantt direct from our head-office, through postal packet (with cash on delivery) if you send us a write order or through an on-line order.

On-line Order

500 lei (VAT included) - installation for one computer
165 lei (VAT included) - each additional license for more than one computer

If you want to try Matrix Gantt, download free demo version.

Download demo

This product is available only in Romanian.