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The most complete software on Romanian market for elaboration of technical and economical execution documentation, for perform offering documentation and for the work pursuit with work situation and estimate extracts. This software is addresses to all the designers, builders, investors and beneficiaries.

With Matrix Deviz you could perform the following reports:
- the elaboration of the execution documentation:
          - synthetically estimation
          - analytical estimation concordant with P91/2002
          - estimation on object
          - price analysis
          - resources extracts
- obtaining of annexes concordant with the order 1014/874/2001 for public acquisitions
          - annex C2
          - annex C3
          - annex C4
          - annex C5
          - annexes C6-C9
- work pursuit
          - works situations
          - estimate extracts
          - technical consuming

Matrix Deviz is based on "Standard Estimation Costs" collection, series 1981 and series 1992 - 1996 published by Matrix Rom.

With Matrix Deviz you could create your own standard estimation and recapitulate the estimation, you could communicate and putting up-to-date the prices for materials, for workforce and for equipments, you could search a estimation article by key-words and you could calculate the quantity of the estimation article through the ante measurements. If you already have a estimation or a estimation article you have the possibilities to make a similar estimation or estimation article.

First version of Matrix Deviz was made in 1996 and until now, this product was bought by more than 1000 customers.

With the new version of Matrix Deviz it is possible to transmit the estimates and work chapters form an object or an investment to Matrix Gantt in order to plan the execution, you can specify the links between them and a graphic representation of the periods and the work achievement and also the materials needed in each period.

Matrix Deviz main advantages:
 - resolve all the necessary functions for this type of program: analytical estimate, price analyze, ante measurement, estimate extract, estimate on object, forms for auctions, work status, resort technical consuming, rest to perform
 - the smallest price from the market, without to be missing any necessary function
 - first software product of this type made special for Windows - other programs can operate on Windows, but in a DOS window.
 - for use of this software is not necessary a permanent contact with the developer to obtain periodical codes for access
 - the installation of this software is realized with a very low intervention from user
 - for use of Matrix Deviz is not necessary technical knowledge about computers and/or special settings for computer, including the printer used for the report print
 - realized by experts with the biggest experience in the developing of this type of product (from 1975), both from the point of view of the work notions and of developing software products.
 - it is very ordered and structured, with a simple and clear interface with well distinguished functions, without many buttons that could scary the users, without excessive information that couldn't permit the user to follow them, without multiple windows that burden the accessibility of the user, without functions that can confuse the user (investment calculation, object calculation etc)
 - stability in operating
 - respect the P91/2002 norm for the estimates calculation on work categories
 - operate both with estimate indicators from '81 and with estimate norms after 1990 - it is the software with the most correct utilization of this
 - it is not necessary the knowledge of the estimate articles codes, as well as materials (as a rule, it is not necessary the knowledge of any type of resort)
 - facilities to complete the database with material and new estimate norms, including direct in reports, before report print
 - flexibility in communication and utilization of the resort prices
 - facilities to recycle the existent estimates in other works
 - revision coefficients recompleted by users - it is not necessary to buy a new version if the percents for CAS, TVA etc. modify.
 - anytime the user can consult the help function
 - for free we allot technical assistance by phone at least 6 months
 - the clients are periodically informed about new versions of the program

Minimum requirements for installation form CD:
- operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP (32 biti), 2003, Vista (32 biti),7(32 biti),8(32 biti), 10(32 biti);
- hard disk(free space): 50 MB;
- optical unit: CD-ROM;
- monitor resolution: 1024x768;

Minimum requirements for flash memory:
- operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP (32 biti), 2003, Vista (32 biti),7(32 biti),8(32 biti), 10(32 biti);
- monitor resolution: 1024x768;
- USB port;

You can buy Matrix Deviz direct from our head-office, through postal packet (with cash on delivery) if you send us a write order or through an on-line order.

On-line Order

Price for CD:
890 lei (VAT included) - installation for one computer
310 lei (VAT included) - each additional license for more than one computer
between 50 lei and 200 lei (VAT included) - update to the latest version for each license (the price depends on the acquisition date of the initial version)

Price for flash memory:
1240 lei (VAT included) - flash memory license for new users
890 lei (VAT included) - flash memory license for users which already have a license installed on one computer

If you want to try Matrix Deviz, download free demo version.

Download demo

This product is available only in Romanian.