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Outsourcing in Romania is one of the best solutions for foreign companies in this domain. The quality of programming in Romania - one of the best in the world, the Romanian programming school, very well known all over the world, the large number of skilled personal in IT domain in Romania, report to the total number of population and the lower prices for all the services and products comparing to any western country, recommend Romania like a good environment for outsourcing.

The software industry is growing in Romania, more than 4500 firms currently being active in this area. In all this companies, over 25.000 employees are working and this number of Romanian specialists is growing steadily as the market expands.

Our company represents one of the representative examples for this describe of outsourcing in Romania.

Matrix Rom team is consisted from IT professionals with studies to most important schools of profiles from Romania, with experience in the development of software products and with desire to achieve the greatest solution and the best product for our customers.

Our beneficiaries through the cooperation with Matrix Rom can be sure that:
- each project will benefit of a special attention, as shall be puted many passion and intelligent in service for his realization;
- you will have allocated a proper developmental team of the size of the project and anytime the must require it, exist the possibility to attract immediately supplement human resource;
- you have best the price from Romania market;
- you have a maximum transparentcy on all duration of the project achievement, a permanent relation with developmental team; a pro-Western culture team, good knowleges of the English language, and the knowledges of the French language are additional trumps in a good relation between beneficiary and team;
- the project that shall be developed will benefit a high management, of special quality, rigorous respected by each member of the team, and of an innovating solutions;
- you will disposes of the documentation of the project as much on the way through the realization, and to the end of this;

Our experience in the realization of projects in outsourcing regime was cumulated followed by the realization of software projects for the many more companies.

The general features of outsourcing realization in Romania, the qualities and experience of our team, recommends Matrix Rom as the great solution in order to take part your software project.

Please take a look at our projects made in outsourcing regime.

If you want to see a presentation of our software activity in .pdf format, click in the link below:

Software presentation