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Matrix Rom publishing terms:
- Matrix Rom publish books from the area of technical sciences and of the fundamental real sciences
- Are published monographes, books, courses notes, laboratory guidance, exercise-books of practical works, scientific, technical, informative bulletins, programs and proceeding of the scientific manifestation
- The suggested books for publication shall be accompanyed by recommendatory of two scientific reviewers: Academic teacher, first degree scientific research worker, personalities recognized from area
- As a rule, the final book size is B5 (about 17x24cm) or A5 (about 14x20cm)
- The books shall be presented make up ready on computer, inclusive the text and all the afferent figures
- The manuscripts shall be presented for publication as much on magnetic support(CD, DVD or memory stick), also on paper; the variant on paper shall be accomplished with a printer of best quality(preferably laser printer) and on one side of the paper only
- On the magnetic support with the manuscript shall be included an English variant of the title and the content of the book
- The books make up for B5 format, on A4 page it shall be leaved a white border of 2,5cm on all sides and shall used a font of 12-13pt or a white border of 4cm on all sides and a font of 10-11pt
- The books make up for A5 format, on A4 page it shall be include two columns, each among them representing a page of the book; the white borders alighted on A4 page shall be of 2cm on all sides and of 4cm between the two columns
- In the white borders zone(specified before) will not be include possible headers and/or footers of the page or the book paginate
- It don't exist special specification refered to distance between rows or to the way of pagination of the book; in this last case shall must pay attention at the page type - even or odd - if you desire, enter the page number on the lateral part of this
- The book cover shall be accomplished by the publishing house, case which the author will validate it or will be proposed by the author, indifferent of the level of conceive of this

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